Book Review: Jump Start CSS by Louis Lazaris, SitePoint

Sitepoint's Jump Start series of books aim to help you gain a basic grounding in various web technologies in only a weekend. In this publication Louis Lazaris covers a topic very familiar to all web developers - CSS. As part of the O'Reilly Reader Review Program I took some of my weekend to work through the book and see if it delivers on its promise.

The style of the book is to walk the reader through the building of a simple but typical website from Photoshop concept to final working product. Along the way the basic syntax of CSS is described and some fundamental CSS techniques that any web developer needs to have on hand (CSS Resets, clearfix, HTML5 Shiv, layouts using floats etc) are demonstrated.

Section by section Lazaris details which elements of CSS he uses to create the site, providing lots of code and illustrations along the way. Examples are clear and easy to follow with important information and gotchas highlighted throughout for future reference.

Overall the book is a nice introduction to the basics of CSS or could act as quick refresher for anyone feeling a little rusty. If you are an experienced Web developer looking for a CSS Reference book this is not the book for you - but it doesn't claim to be so that is not a problem.

A copy of the book was provided to me via the O'Reilly Reader Review Program.

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Jump Start CSS