Chunked #1

In an attempt to keep track of resources and tools I find useful or interesting I'll be publishing a weekly list. Hopefully others will also find the links helpful. Here's the first lot:

Increment by Stripe

Stripe have just released an e-magazine that is "dedicated to covering how teams build and operate software systems at scale". The first issue covers support and incident response - so far so good and it looks to have lots of potentially interesting and useful insight from top companies.

Googles Design Sprint Kit

Want to get answers to your product 'hunches' quickly? Give Design Sprints a look - another great innovation seeding out of Google. Also the book is a must read, see here.

Electron - Build cross platform desktop apps

Are truly cross platform desktop apps finally a reality? You may not yet have heard of this desktop framework making use of web technologies to build native apps but you most likely will have used an app built using it. Most notably Slack, Atom and Visual Studio Code amongst others.

Foundation Building Blocks

Another great addition to the Zurb Foundation empire. Building Blocks gives you over 100 components ready to be plugged into your next website or app.

Ditch the elevator pitch

In this short post over at Signal vs Noise Jason Fried talks sense as usual. Both he and DHH at Basecamp have a rare ability to cut through the crap simplify things to their core. Always a great read.