Defending Microsoft!

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Well today is a day I never thought would come. I think I just realised I'm a fan of the direction Microsoft is heading, particularly with Azure. In addition to the Cloud space, some of the Surface Book laptops look outstanding and are getting great reviews (I've not yet been able to force myself to use Windows OS again but again they seem positive).

Whilst checking out Quora I felt compelled to answer the question "Will Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure die from AWS?" A fair enough question I guess given the market share and quality of the AWS offering. Having been using Azure since 2014 though I think the question underestimates the strength of what Azure currently offers and the progress it continues to make. Azure is now a serious player in the Cloud and given Microsoft's pace of change so far things are looking really good for that to continue.

I've embedded the answer below which gives a little bit of insight why we chose to go with (mostly) Azure infrastructure at PlotBox. I'll put up a much more detailed answer in a future post.

Read Stephen Hardy's answer to Will Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure die from AWS? on Quora