Review: Velocity Conference July 2013 - Complete Video Compilation

O'Reilly's Velocity Conference is now widely accepted as being the preeminent conference for Web Operations and Performance professionals. Co-chaired by Steve Souders (@souders), the man who literally wrote the book(s) on web performance, the event regularly attracts those who are at the forefront of running sites and services on the internet at scale. Luckily they are also willing to share their experiences.

The videos package is split into three groupings that cover the Key note talks, sessions and hands on tutorials. Most of the talks are enjoyable and informative but I'll mention a few of the standouts here:

  • Theo Schlossnagle's (@postwait) tutorial on Monitoring and Observing Systems took us through the core concepts from bottom up. I always enjoy Theo's talks as he is an opinionated and passionate speaker who is very generous in sharing his experience - if you choose to listen you need not suffer the pain first hand. He also wrote a superb book on Scalable Internet Architectures that I cannot recommend highly enough.

  • Abe Stanway (@abestanway) and Jon Cowie (@jonlives) from Etsy gave a great tutorial on how Etsy engineers try to make sense of the thousands and thousands of metrics that get pushed at them day in and day out. Throughout the tutorial they introduced us to the Kale platform Esty have built to help better understand and react to their site's metrics. In particular we learn about the skyline and oculus tools that look really smart and are now open sourced on github.

  • "Bits on the Wire" by Mark Nottingham (@mnot) is another great tutorial that takes us through how our site traffic makes its way from creation on our servers to the end users browser. Nottingham covers the full stack providing some of the history, the gotchas and a little about the future of many of the protocols we take for granted today.

Beyond the highlighted sessions above the package includes talks and tutorials from Ilya Grigorik (@igrigorik), Patrick Meenan (@patmeenan), Nicholas Zakas (@slicknet) as well as engineers from companies like Google, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, Adobe, New Relic and many more. An additional bonus is the wide range of tools and services that that get used and discussed throughout. Many such as WebPageTest, YSlow and PageSpeed Insights you will be using today or at least have heard of but there are also references to other tools that may not be quite so well known.

Overall the video package that O'Reilly has put together is top quality and with over 55 hours of video offers great value. If you have an interest in Web Operations or Performance and would like to learn from the best in the industry I'd recommend picking up a copy of the Velocity Conference videos. Better still, why not attend a future conference yourself?

A copy of the video pack was provided to me via the O'Reilly Reader Review Program.

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